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Oh no. Not that again. I should have known Mr. Morden's "associates" were the powers behind this organization called "livejournal". This explains everything, yes? Bah. I shall not even dignify this insane question with a response again.

*locked from each and everyone*

In truth, my reply these days would be on a far less ambitious scale, though whether this makes it better, I do not know. It is certainly far more selfish. My dearest wish would be for a day at the beach on a very particular beach, on the island Celini, were my grandfather's third wife had a home I was allowed to visit. Timov and my friend Urza's children would be there, with Vir, who would be playing with the children; my dearest Adira would be there, alive and walking with me on that beach; and awaiting us, not bothered in the least with being on Centauri Prime but arguing about the climate because he can, would be G'Kar.

But Adira is dead. G'Kar can not be on Centauri Prime without remembering all the blood between us. Timov, Vir and the children, now this is possible, but the island of Celini is gone. I destroyed it myself, through a single button.

My wishes have always been about the impossible.


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