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From my observation, this phrase usually is reserved for various ladies or, as the case may be, gentlemen, who are useful in justifying certain wistful looks by the person in question, which in turn leads to other ladies or gentlemen desiring to comfort them, yes? But I am a cynical old man, and in truth, there was a lady who took those shrivelled two clots that serve as my hearts with her when she departed. But she did not "get away", and was the more unfortunate for it. There was no happier man on Babylon 5 than myself when my Adira decided to return to me, a free woman, and no longer burdened by the past. The other day I walked in the gardens of the station, and saw that the starlaces I had ordered to be grown for her, those starlaces that were cut on the day she was to return, the flowers I held in my hand, were blooming once again. It seemed strange, somehow; as if they had not understood that she would never touch them, or smile at their beauty.

Her cheek, when I touched it, was cold, though she cannot have been dead so long when the freighter she died on docked. But space is cold. So cold, and my dearest Adira was ever a creature of warmth and flame. No, she did not "get away"; she came back, and died for it, for the foolishness of loving a man engulfed by murder and shadows.

Who, then, can be termed "the one who got away"? Not her murderer. I have seen to that. Not I, bound as I am to my destiny. But there is one who did indeed "get away" and will, I hope, continue to do so. You see, somehow Vir has managed to walk through the corridors of power and remained... well, innocent, in lack of a better term. He still believes. Life has dealt out many a blow to him, I know that, and it is not youthful naiveté or blindness that arms, as I once thought, before we both faced the madness of Cartagia together. No, it is the fact he still has his heart. And his heart is a good one. For that, I envy him, and hope he shall continue to "get away".

Now if he were to do so with a slightly improved taste in opera, all the better, eh?


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