Nov. 20th, 2006 04:29 pm
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The sun does not rise and set here; that, alas, is one of the downsides if you live on a space station. Now of course we Centauri admire sunrise and sunset for their aesthetic value, not like certain other people who insist on attaching divinity to them. But... there might have been a Centauri well past his youth and approaching dotage, if his actions are anything to go buy, who remembered a certain struggle involving a plant with a Narn of equal years, though with far less style, and involving a sunrise as well.

It might have been the case that this Centauri a few years later felt that, as a sort of truce with the Narn had been reached, that the entire argument back then had been extremely foolish. He might have wished to make a gesture without bringing up the exact incident, yes?

And so he might have said something along the lines of: "There is not much about Epsilon Three to recommend itself which I happen to know since I did visit the planet, as opposed to yourself. But it has just enough rocks and a depressing aura of martyrdom to make your feel comfortable. Let me introduce you to Draal."

Whereupon the Narn in question, being his usual quarrelsome self, would have replied: "What makes you think he would let you, of all the people, on the planet when Sheridan is only allowed to deal with him through intermediaries? Centauri arrogance is truly all-encompassing."

"Because I, of all the people, brought him to the blasted planet," would have been the obvious retort.

There might have been a trip, and some arguments about the Centauri's style of flying a shuttle, which in the process was slandered as an attempt at suicide. But in the end, it would have resulted in the Centauri and the Narn arriving just a few minutes before the sun was to rise on the northern half of the planet, and watching that sunrise together, in silence.

Only after the sun rose, the Narn, being a Narn, would have said: "You know, Mollari, it is actually the sunset which followers of G'Quan revere. But there are worse mistakes to make."

The Centauri would have tempted to reply that this trip was one of them, but would have remained silent, and thus would have discovered a twinkle in the Narn's remaining eye, which would have prompted him to realise he was being teased.

If, that is, such an event had taken place. Which I, as an official representative of the great Centauri Republic, firmly deny it has.


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