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Great Maker. At last, I thought, a topic which allows me to revel in the glory of Centauri opera, surely the most magnificent music written and performed anywhere in the galaxy, to talk about the redoubtable Bihati as opposed to the flashy and yet strangely compelling Dorva, to hum a few arias myself, as I am prone to do... and then Vir tells me that this question is meant to be answered by choosing a human song. Now, I find humans to be one of the most charming races in the universe. But this limitation smacks of infuriating short sightedness nonetheless, yes?

However, be that as it may, I, for my part, treasure the accomplishments of aliens and thus am familiar with some of the musical contribution humanity has produced. Why, in a most humiliating hour, I found my spirits lifted by a woman named Gloria Gaynor, and sung the human ballad of Jessie's Girl with young Lennier! But fitting as these tunes were for the occasion in question, I would not name them as choices to encompass my entire existence. Nor would I name a ditty a certain Narn aquaintance of mine insisted on singing when we were both in the process of being slowly roasted to death in a transport tube, though it has the questionable honour of containing my name.

No, after considering the wealth of human music, a minstrel with the enchanting name of Aimee Mann seems to sum up my existence best in a tune named Wise Up, though the title does sound like advice coming out of the less than musical mouth of my wife, the lady Timov. Ah, well. It does add the disquieting touch of realism a melodic summary of my life cannot do without, yes?


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