Jul. 11th, 2007 12:56 pm
londo_mollari: (LondoTimov)
"What are you doing, Londo?"

"My duty. Valtoo!"

"Your what?"

"My religious duty, dear wife. I am trying to achieve unity with the gods."

"This is the most pathetic excuse for drunkeness you have ever offered."

"I know. This is why I was saving it until now."


"My docile darling, you could either join me in religious devotion or ask me why I have chosen this time to honor the gods, if you intend to further grace me with your presence."

"Londo, you are not just a fool but a painfully obvious fool. I do know the date."

"Of course you do. How could I ever doubt your admirable devotion to all things numerical? Well then, Timov, as it is the Feast of the First Emperor, let us rejoice. After all, we are Centauri. No other race has shown the wisdom to pray to the gods by celebrating, yes?"

"Disgraceful as the spectacle is, I've seen you rejoicing. You are not rejoicing now. You are feeling sorry for yourself, because the Feast of the First Emperor is the day a Centauri looks back on his achievements. Do get a hold of yourself. Your life is no one's fault but your own."

"I know. Valtoo!"


"Timov. Timov, I don't believe this. You just broke a precious bottle of brivari on my head. I could have died, woman! More importantly, the brivari is lost!"

"I was honoring the gods, Londo. There is more than one way to waste brivari and revel in wanton destruction. Now, where is that other bottle..."




"Great Maker, my lady, what happened here?"

" My husband and I celebrated the Feast of the First Emperor. Which should be obvious to anyone with a sense of religious duty. Now, do clean up. If my husband awakes and manages to stumble on a shard, he'll return to feeling sorry for himself, and that really was not the purpose of my visit."


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