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Now why do you suppose my code the days of yore used to be wine, women and song, hm? Our poets do not agree on much, but nearly all swear that these are the best things in life. There is something to be said for baths and games of chance as well, to be sure, and in my youth, I used to be fond of duelling. But if I have to make a choice, the three ways to worship the gods in their festivities will always win, yes?

(And here certain individuals who shall remain spotted and glaring claim I do not have the slightest idea what religion means. Bah.)

Of course, even the most tireless servant of the goddess Li must admit that there are moments, well, hours even, when one must rest from the joys she has gifted us with. To bes ure, though, we Centauri have been blessed by certain natural advantages the Maker has endowed us with; what other race can equal us in stamina and variation, I ask you? So when the unfortunate citizens of other planets have long admitted defeat, we still have some surprises left. And yet, as I have observed earlier, even we must rest eventually. Which is why music is probably the method of relaxation one uses to relax from the others. The mighty melodies of Kathum, the stirring arias of Dorvak, the sweet melodies of composes all over the galaxy – never let it be said I do not appreciate other cultures, although I know this vile rumour is making the rounds, yes? – they all are ideal ways to stir or soothe one’s hearts and body.

As for wine: with all due respect to my good friend Mr. Garibaldi, it has never been an unpleasant companion to me. But then, I usually do not seek its taste when I am in a sour mood. Every Centauri knows that unhappiness is the one ingredient brivari cannot stand, nor can any other drink, for that matter. When I was still in the habit of consulting soothsayers, which I have now abandoned, ever since an experience involving a most highborn lady, I was once told I would find my freedom in a brivari. But even the young Centauri which I was then knew this could only be a metaphor. What the seer in question meant, I suppose, was that brivari gives whatever you seek in it. And if you look for a way to relax and feel free of your less than stellar circumstnaces, this is what it will provide, yes?

Now if I had to choose only one method of these three? Great Maker, do you need to ask? The ways of Li, if not interrupted now and then, might lead to an untimely death by exhaustion, but my, what a death that would be…


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