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Well now, I am tempted to cite Mr. Morden’s head as an example. I gave it to Vir on the day the Vorlons almost destroyed Centauri Prime, and when I tell you he did long for this present, you know what Vir’s opinion of Mr. Morden was, for I do not think he would have wanted anyone else’s head for anything, not even our late Emperor’s.

But in all seriousness, it was something very different. That man’s head will rot and be forgotten when I still will feel relieved that months before I met him, I for once in my life made the right decision. Which, contrary to rumour, does happen now and then, yes? It involved my dearest Adira.

When she had left the station after the business with Trakis had been finished, I went straight back to the Dark Star and got drunk. As my ill fortune had it, G’Kar was there, and insisted on inflicting his company on me. He wanted to know why I had not simply kept her contract to myself after buying it, “since you Centauri have such practice with slavery”, or whatever his charming phrase was. That is G’Kar before his epiphany for you. I sometimes miss those days.

To tell the truth, the idea revolted me. I had been shocked to learn she was a slave, mostly because I could not imagine how anyone would clip her wings this way, and because the idea of her enduring the life of a slave made me furious. If I had become her new owner, I would have been the one doing this to her. I would not even have to wonder whether her kisses were truly meant for me, or were brought forth by orders. I would know. I remembered what we said to each other, when we were happy.

“I want no more than I am getting.”
“And what are you getting, Adira? A washed up old Republican, dreaming of better days?

There was no choice, not really. I gave her the freedom she deserved, which is much better than what I had given her already, my hearts and the soul that rested in them. It is hers, always.


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