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Which morning would that be? We live on a space station; it is most certainly always morning somewhere in the universe, as various members of the government of my own dear home planet constantly remind me when the urge to convey something important to them strikes. (Naturally, they do not remember this if they suffer similar urges, and with them, what qualifies as "important" in all likelihood never is, yes?)

There is a certain rumour making the rounds on the station that I tend to yell at various people at what passes for morning in the eternal dark that surrounds us here. While I concede that the words "what do you want, you moon-faced assassin of joy" were spoken a few years ago, in a raised voice, I consider this slander when applied to my behaviour in general. Why, in most cases, I pass my mornings in blessed silence, as Vir, who is indeed a treasure, has prepared hot jaala and a list of my daily schedule. Well, this is what happens if I wake up alone. If the gods have smiled on me, as they did on the occasion the above quoted remark was spoken, I spend my morning continuing the efforts of the night, as the Great Maker has gifted us Centauri with stamina and endurance far beyond that of lesser species, who tend to fall asleep on such occasions.

However, I must admit that I am not not at my best when it comes to exercises of the mind at this point of the day, nor am I as eloquent as on other occasions. Which is undoubtedly the reason why G'Kar, who is that horror of horrors, a "morning person", used to demand that every single negotation take place at as early a standard station hour as possible. Neither Sinclair nor Sheridan ever suspected that this was a ruthless ploy on the part of my esteemed Narn collegue, and always gave in to his demands. Humans can be so naive. Endearingly so, of course, but still - naive. (Except for dear Ivanova, who saw through G'Kar's tactics but thought they were what I deserved anyway.) When I made this observation in the company of Mr. Allen recently, he said something along the lines of: "But Ambassador, now that negotiations with the Narn Regime aren't an issue anymore, doesn't that mean you always get your beauty sleep?"

He actually believes G'Kar stopped his early morning terrorizing tactic just because of that slight change of arenas. Great Maker. What did I say about humans? Naive.


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