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I think I shall finally give in to Vir's enthusiam and visit Minbar. He seems to believe it would have an immediate beneficient effect on me, as a cup of hot jaala does on a morning where the tribute the gods demand for an evening with brivari consists of a particularly nasty hangover. Just why he sees the Minbari and Minbar as the equivalent, however, is beyond me.

"Vir," I told him recently, "if the Minbari were so incredibly soothing, they would hardly have established an Empire, yes? One does not do this through peaceful persuasion. Even at the days of our utmost power, we took care never to anger the Minbari. This should tell you something."

"But Londo," he protested, "it is just the Warrior Caste who..."

Clearly, he has been exposed to far too much propaganda while on that planet. "And just who was fighting the Warrior Caste during their recent civil war, eh?" I demanded. "Who usually tells them to go to war if they are not busy rebelling, hm? Great Maker, Vir, consider only the Minbari we know. I would rather have Neroon as my enemy than Delenn and Lennier at her side. My chances of survival would be infinitely better with that pike-swinging dolt, yes? No, Vir, the Minbari are no more walking around glowing with soul-cleansing serenity than we do. Which is most fortunate, for I have decided to visit after all, and I would not do so if I were afraid I would be forced to meditate and change my life as soon as my feet touch Minbar's soil."

"Londo," he sighed, "you are driving me insane."

"This should bring you into harmony with the rest of the universe," I replied, and set upon making travelling plans. Not immediate ones, no. But Delenn mentioned the other day that she and Sheridan are planning to live on Minbar once his first year in office is over. Clearly, they will need some distraction after being married solely to each other for an entire year, and a visit on my part would be beneficent for all parties concerned. One does one's best to demonstrate helpfulness within the new alliance, yes?

So I shall visit Minbar in the year to come.


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