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I knew I loved humans when they told me that on Earth, they have this charming habit called „the cocktail hour“.

Now, on Centauri Prime, we have a healthy regard for that gift of the gods, brivari, and all other forms of alcohol. And our religious services who celebrate life with these means are as a consequence far less dull than those of other races I could name. But we never got around to coming up with a time table that demanded celebration of both alcohol and socialising at the same time every day, yes? I bow before the humans who thought of this.

Bear in mind that to mix and mingle is important both for the drinks and the people during “the cocktail hour”. Anyone can be a dour fellow who gets drunk in his own quarters. But during this hour, attendees are required to exercise their wits and amuse each other as much as they’re required to be inventive about their drinks. If the human scribe Eliot is to be trusted, the occasional verbal dissection is also called for now and then. What hour would be better suited to me, hm?

No matter whether I was on Earth or Babylon 5, where there is no actual planet-bound day or night, just a standard system for counting hours, I made always sure that I paid attention to this time of bliss, which naturally is my favourite. Valtoo!


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