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Excepts from the correspondance of Londo Mollari in the first year of the Shadow War, known to some beings as the third season of Babylon 5:

Dear Ambassador Mollari,

we're happy to tell you you've been nominated for the "Who's your favourite Ambassador?" award. Of course, it's going to be a hot competition, but we from the Babylon 5 Relaxation In Wartime comittee are crossing our fingers and/or other appendages on your behalf. Good luck!


The Babylon 5 Relaxation In Wartime Comittee

P.S. Do remember to use our logo in your station wide campaign for victory?

Dear Comittee,

Ambassador Mollari sends his gratitude for the nomination but asked me to tell you that as a convinced monarchist, he does not believe in campaigns to win an election. Only in secret intrigue. Nonetheless, he sees it as the duty of the Great Centauri Republic to host the victory party, no matter whether or not he will win. This is in no way way a bribe to voters just because we Centauri have been known to throw the best parties.

Yours sincerely

Vir Cotto

Dear Delenn,

let me apologize for declining your invitation in participating in your soul cleansing ceremony a while back. That was very gracious of you, and I feel like an oaf for declining the opportunity, especially since, as you told me, I was the first name on your list, yes?

Speaking of lists. Undoubtedly you have heard of the competition currently on its way on this station. In the spirit of Centauri-Minbari cooperation, I must voice my concern. Remember how those vile reporters slandered you? Undoubtedly, your participation in such a competition would only result in new slurs from the human media, especially about favoritism, considering your impeding nuptials with the gallant leader of this our station. Allow me to protect you from such defamation by advising your gracious self to decline a nomination, hm?

Yours in friendship,

Londo Molllari

Dear Ambassador Kosh,

let me express my regrets about our lack of contact in recent months. We had such enthralling conversations back in the old days, whenever you would enter the Council Chamber; you were loquashiousness and sociability itself. However, it seems a remedy is at hand, as we are both nominated for the "who's your favourite Ambassador?" award. The public discussions, the mutual revelations of privacy, they shall be endless. Unless, of course, you choose not to accept the nomination, but why would you do that, eh?

Yours in anticipation,

Londo Mollari

Dear Citizen G'Kar,

we the undersigned are aware you are currently busy organizing the resistence on Narn from this station, but we must ask you to interrupt these endeavours in order to compete against that vile excrement, Londo Mollari, in the upcoming "Who's your favourite Ambassador?" awards. After all, there isn't much of a chance the Narns will ever be able to defeat the Centauri on Narn anyway, so it would only make sense to choose another arena, and once you give up on Narn, you'll have plenty of time for campaigning on your hands

Yours sincerely,

*list of names which, when investigated much later, turned out to be faked*

Dear Ambassador Mollari,

we're happy to inform you that due to Ambassador Delenn, Ambassador Kosh and Citizen G'Kar all stepping down from their nominations, you have been voted unanimously Most Favourite Ambassador of Babylon 5. Congratulations!


The Babylon 5 Relaxation In Wartime Comittee


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