Oct. 22nd, 2006 11:15 am
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My father and my grandfather were not having the most amiable of relations, but one thing they agreed upon, one thing which became as essential as the air I breathed when I was growing up, was that House Mollari was in decline, that our ancestors would be ashamed of our current state, and that it was our duty to do something about this. Our House produced an Emperor once, after all, and now we were merely one of the noble houses moving on the outer circles of the Royal Court.

Now as a boy, I found this rather boring, though I did not doubt it was the truth. Briefly before my ascension at the age of sixteen, I found out that Mollari I., far from being that icon of dignity and success I had always assumed him to be, had what could be called - by me, not yourselves, dear readers, as I insist that only a member of House Mollari may utter such slander - a chequered career. He won his first renown not through fighting valour or legislative brilliance, but because as a comely young man, he caught the eye of Emperor Vahin's third wife, the beautiful - though aging - and insatiable Lady Gorla, who presented him to the Emperor. Vahin was rather taken by the young man himself. The official chronicles insist Vahin expired peacefully in his sleep, but if a letter by the Lady Gorla to the future Mollari I. is anything to go buy, the Emperor was far from sleeping; in fact, he was engaged in rather vital activities with the Lady Gorla and my illustrious ancestor when one of his hearts failed him. Frankly, I can think of worse ways to go, yes?

At any rate, my ancestor did not become Emperor after this, of course; that happened decades later. But he rather endeared himself to the Royal family and the various ministers by helping to disguise the circumstances of Vahin's demise and helping to console the Lady Gorla, who, her appetites not withstanding, had been deeply fond of the Emperor and even fonder of being the Empress as opposed to one of the previous Emperor's widows shoved of to some smaller palace. In short, he proved his diplomatic talents, and when the Republic needed a representative on the newly discovered home planet of the Drazi, he was chosen. There were still sniggers, of course; his nickname then was "the boytoy". By constantly underestimating him because of his origins, his enemies and rivals proved to be easy to surpass and remove, and a mere two decades later, he ascended the throne.

They even named a rather fine brand of brivari after him.

I am sure it is obvious by now he is my favourite ancestor, eh?


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