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If life is a game, who is winning?

The universe, of course. Which is insane. This should not be news to anyone, yes?

Now, I am a gambler of some experience, and so I am well aware of the truth in the old Centauri saying - which the humans stole from us later - that "the bank always wins". The bank, my friends, and not the people playing the game, oh no. No matter whether you play against a skilled opponent or a dolt, no matter which of the two of you is victorious, in the end, neither of you wins.

(This, by the way, does not mean certain races who went beyond the rim and thus can no longer threaten my home planet with their superior weaponry should be classified as "the bank", though they certainly thought so. In the end, they, too, were gamblers, for why else would our valiant Captain Sheridan have been able to tell them to "get the hell out of his (!) galaxy", hmmm? The universe might be mad, but it has a wonderful sense of humor about it.)

When I, in a stage of some inebriation, told some of these indeniable truths to Mr. Garibaldi, he asked me why, if this was so, we still play. Or why I do, as I cannot answer for anyone else.

"What do you take me for, a Minbari?" I asked back. "Sitting back and not participating at all is no fun!"

"But Londo, if you already know the bank always wins..."

"One can always hope to charm the banker," I replied, and he told me I was hopeless. But he did smile, which proves my point.
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