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Great Maker, didn't anyone tell you that it is rude to ask someone about their death dream, hm? Now, I have told the occasional person about it, yes. But it is not an image I wish to dwell on again and again, to the doubtful entertainment of the universe at large. Ask our valiant Captain Sheridan, who shares my problem. (Though I am fairly certain his twenty years will run out before mine do, as I always had a sense of his nearby presence in my dream. That part never made sense, though.) Of course, not being Centauri, he has not yet divined that the only way to deal with such a knowledge is to savour the present in the best way one can, in other words, throw parties, but then, we can't all have the benefit of the wisdom my people have perfected through the ages.

But if you must know, and haven't heard already: I see myself throttled, and in the process of throttling. The identity of my killer used to make sense to me, but things have changed, which is one reason why I do not care for this particular knowledge. There is one consolation, though: I know who will succeed me, and he will make sure there won't be any of those ghastly statues tradition demands after one's death errected; for mysterious reasons, people always manage the least talented artist imaginable for these things, and I do not wish to be remembered as a lamentable piece of art disgracing the Centauri landscape, yes?


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